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Introducing VubaMac

The ultimate solution for flood-resistant paving that revolutionises traditional construction methods. Utilising 100% recycled aggregates and renewable binders, VubaMac not only reduces environmental impact but also addresses pressing issues like CO2 emissions from concrete and VOC emissions from asphalt. Its groundbreaking No Dig approach preserves the earth, saving millions of kilograms of earth per street while eliminating the need for drainage systems.

What is VubaMac?

Crafted with innovative permeability technology, VubaMac stands as the most flood-resistant paving in the world, ensuring durability and sustainability.

With a monolithic bond guaranteeing long-lasting performance, VubaMac surpasses conventional materials like concrete and asphalt in longevity and flexibility. Plus, its ease of application, provided by a single supplier, offers unmatched convenience, with installations completed in just one day, minimising disruption and providing a smoother, quieter alternative. Say hello to a greener, more resilient future with VubaMac.

The benefits...


Recycled Base

No Dig

Ease of application


Patent Pending

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